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The Lending Process


Full-Cycle Lending is a system that enables lenders, government agencies and nonprofit NeighborWorks® organizations to work together to provide homeownership opportunities to families who might not qualify for – or know how to get – conventional mortgages.

The Full-Cycle Lending Process has six components: 

  1. NeighborWorks® Organization Partnership-Building
  2. Pre-purchase Homebuyer Education
  3. Flexible Loan Products
  4. Property Services  
  5. Post-purchase Counseling  
  6. Neighborhood Impact

What is Full-Cycle Lending?

Full-Cycle Lending is a system of borrowing, as well as of lending, of a consumer-friendly approach that takes seriously the needs of first-time buyers and the barriers they face in achieving the dream of homeownership. It’s a process that benefits everyone. Residents can overcome hindrances to ownership as the process is demystified, they save for a down payment and they secure their home and mortgages. Lenders can invest with confidence about an owner’s ability to repay their mortgage. Local government officials can take pride in watching neighborhoods change. More and more homeowners will stake a claim in their communities, enhancing the tax base and contributing to the overall community renewal. The non-profit partnerships – Neighborhood Housing Services and other members of NeighborWorks® - have the satisfaction of seeing their technical services result in new homeowners. Full-Cycle Lending means a positive impact on communities.

What is the Great Benefit of Full-Cycle Lending?

Full-Cycle Lending is a means, not an end. As this comprehensive system becomes more established, homeownership rates among first-time homebuyer families should rise. We believe this will cause neighborhoods to become safer, individuals to regain hope and a sense of belonging, and families to reclaim their schools, their streets, and their economic strength. By stimulating reinvestment in NeighborWorks® communities, Full-Cycle Lending can be a powerful force that will lead to a renaissance in neighborhoods across America.  

Neighborhood Housing Services of Hamilton, Inc.
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