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Housing Counseling Services

Housing Counseling

Neighborhood Housing Services of Hamilton, Inc. (NHSH) equips clients with the foundational skills needed for successful home ownership. Through one-on-one coaching or group sessions, NHSH provides direction and training in key areas such as the home buying process, setting a budget, and avoiding foreclosure, with the goal of providing the tools everyone needs to be long-term stewards of a home.

A key resource that NHSH provides is one-on-one coaching to teach people successful home ownership. Classes teach families and individuals the home buying process, financial management, and basic home maintenance, while coaching provides individualized support for finance and credit problems. NHSH has helped hundreds of clients not only purchase homes, but keep their homes, too.

With NHSH's help, many of these families who rent can quickly benefit from the debt repair, budgeting, and homebuyer counseling services that will allow them to become homeowners. Many of these families can and do benefit from NHSH's Housing Counseling Programs which offers a continuum of services to ensure successful sustainable homeownership for people of various economic backgrounds. Successful sustainable homeownership begins with educated consumers who have the tools, capacity, and options to make good choices about their homeownership decision, financing products and maintaining their homes.


NHSH provides the following Housing Counseling Services:


  • Housing Counseling
  • Pre and Post Purchase Homebuyer Education
  • Foreclosure Prevention Counseling


 NHSH strives to be a "one stop shop" for those individuals and families who are interested in obtaining and maintaining homeownership successfully.


NHSH's counseling programs helps low-to-moderate-income homebuyers by offering free extensive housing counseling services. In addition, NHSH also offers one-on-one homebuyer education course that covers the whole home buying process which also helps new buyers establish good budgeting habits and prepares them on what to do when unexpected problems occur for $99. NHSH works with clients to put them in a position where they are ready to purchase a home no matter how long it takes. 


NHSH also provides free foreclosure prevention counseling, which helps distressed homeowners facing delinquency or foreclosure. All courses are HUD-approved and the instructors are either certified. 


eHome America-Online Homebuyer Education

NHSH also provides an online course which explains the home buying process and outlines homeownership responsibilities.  The cost for the online education is $99 per household. The content is the same as the in-person course but enables more people to participate at their convenience.


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